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17.Aug.14 1 month ago
17.Aug.14 1 month ago

"Revolutionary Love"

I don’t want you to complete me
I’d rather be two beings that
Make Love
That create it-
For ourselves, for each other 

I don’t want to be sold by the idea that
"You don’t choose who you Love"
Because our Love has taught me that
Love is a choice
And you wake up everyday
And choose
What you want
What you need
What your desires hold true
And you speak these truths
And make space for exchange
To see if this Love is the Love worth choosing 

I don’t want to sacrifice any part of me to “Make it work”
I want to invest in all of me
And all of you
And give gratitude that
We empower one another in betterment 
And support each other’s spirits elevating in our whole selves

I don’t want to feel I dreamed you up
That you suit an image of perfection-
Built by constructs that have sold us what a partner should be
I’d rather learn you piece by piece
In reality
I’d rather you teach me how the You today is greater than yesterday 
And I want my new self, with each waking, to Love you more, 
Love me more, 
Love us more
Every day

I don’t want to fall for you-
Don’t want to fall in Love
Because falling is falseness
It’s fleeting
I’d rather rise in Love with you
In your light
Shining brighter
With the brilliance of mine
Rise in believing 
In each other

I don’t want to be bound by Love
But be liberated by Love
By each revolutionary act,
Each moment of creation,
In presence,
And patience,
And honesty,
And respect,
With courage
And connection,
And communication
Through Body, Mind and Spirit

All I want, 
What I choose, 
Who I Love

Is You

- Jana Lynne Umipig creator of “Love is a Revolutionary Act”

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